Hello and RIP…

Apparently, the opening missive for this blog is an obituary for Steve Jobs. Well…

First,  I write on my Macbook everyday. I earn my living, talk to my friends, listen to music, do my banking, write love letters, angry emails, blog entries and entire books on this computer his company designed and built. I can’t get through the day without touching this device that glows and purrs like the Cheshire Cat.

Second, Steve Jobs was a stranger. Some of his personal habits were reportedly questionable but he was a visionary artisan for the modern age and he understood the power of the black turtleneck.

Given these circumstances, I thought the strangest opening post on this blog might be to write an obituary for the man, in a hasty Haiku no less. So I did:

As loss grows old truths

The apple falls, seeds are sown

Steve Jobs rest in peace.

(if Mark Zuckerberg passes, I might consider a dirty limerick)


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