Now Writing…

Well, reading and reviewing Shakespeare, always. The next piece is up soon.

Spent a month writing a submission for a shot at an upcoming project review with the legendary Colleen Doran (creator of A Distant Soil). This opportunity comes courtesy of the phenomenal Comics Masterclass in Sydney next week.

The Comics Masterclass event looks to be THE premiere educational gathering for Australian artists and authors wanting to dip a reticent toe into the shark-filled waters of the industry. More on the masterclass after the fact.

On that note, I’ve also been continuing work on the script/layouts for a short story comic. Still learning the logistics of dialogue limitations, the tension of text/subtext, the partnership of words/pictures and the various stylistic choices for transitions and narration. A final product may or may not surface next year, but falling in love with it regardless. The only way to do it, really.

P.S. And just because it’s Monday morning, here’s a little of Mr. Gaiman’s magic… Instructions.


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