Today, heroes die…

For many with a 20th century childhood, a vampire taught us to count and we saw the man on the moon walk on MTV, and just as we say goodbye to our innocence, so we also farewell heroes.

First, when I wrote my thesis on gothic fiction a decade ago, I couldn’t resist mentioning Count Von Count, the numeracy-OCD bloodsucker who was, according to Sesame Street lore, Count Dracula’s cousin. Perennially attended by bats, he sang, danced and invoked the powers of the storm with his laugh. Mostly, he counted, and it is sad to think that kids across the globe might grow up without the Count who loooves to count…

Also, RIP Neil Armstrong. After his famed steps, the man became a recluse, so let’s mourn the icon of wonder he became and colonise Mars. Why? I dunno, but the 21st century has just begun and western democracy has mostly sucked so far. So let’s end poverty, cure cancer, commodify a clean energy source, then run and fly and build sparkling towers amongst the corners of the cosmos, telling our great-grandkids that our new homes, pin-pricked into the fabric of eternal night, all began with American men stepping out of a tin can back in 69. The astronaut is dead but, as always, the future is just beginning…


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