The Dark Knight Running…

I dress as Batman. You give cash. Kids read good. See?

“In the future, everybody will be Batman for 15 minutes.” Andy Warhol.

Well, to be precise, I will be running in the The Age’s City2Sea fun run here in November. So I’m taking the opportunity to raise money for the mighty Indigenous Literacy Foundation. I also hope to run dressed as Batman.

Now, Melbourne’s City2Sea event may not be a fun run usually attended by runners in costume. I simply see this as my best chance to run the Melbourne streets as Batman. And that’s important.

Also, in this nation we still suffer the injustice of only 1 in 5 kids in remote NT communities reading at accepted levels. In fact, only 40% of indigenous young people finish high school at all. So for those of you passionate about indigenous literacy, or passionate about my desire to dress as Batman, then your support is welcome.

Please, go here. Make a donation, no matter how large. It’s for a good cause.



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