This was 2012…

Over the last twelve months, this wet little rock we call home spun once more around the closest star, bringing us all one year closer to our deaths. As our fragile mortality is often a key motivation for creativity, I thought I’d look back and see how I spent my time as death’s boney footfalls wended their way to my door…

In February, I went back to school, beginning some new post-graduate literary study at Deakin University. So far, I’ve looked at everything from myth, folklore and fairytale to prose and picture books. It’s been a rich experience where I’ve learned a lot and been reminded of much more… particularly my age.

In June, the independent film that I co-wrote, Justice Squad, finally saw the light of day. To our delight, it premiered at Oz Comic-Con here in Melbourne, and has gone on to screen at pop culture conventions across Australia and America. Word on the street is that a distribution deal might arise soonish. For now, it has an awful rating on IMDb, but it is available for illegal download.

In November, I ran around Melbourne dressed as Batman. Coincidentally, there was also The Age’s fun run on the same day, so I took advantage of the situation to fundraise for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The ILF helps develop new picture books by consulting with grassroots communities, then distributes these resources to indigenous kids. They do good stuff, and kith and kin donated generously as I ran in a black cape.

Recently, illustrator and collaborator Chadwick Ashby and I saw the completion of our first comic book AVIATOR GOLD. It’s been fun and frustrating, and while the end product is not perfect, it is good, and only getting better. The funny book will be out sometime next year, with the follow up coming soon after. ‘Like’ it on Fb.

Still, the blog where I read and review the works of William Shakespeare along with Ben Kooyman continues. For those paying attention, we have clearly tired of slogging through the plays and have begun to use the texts as springboards for other topics. While this approach may often disregard any serious literary criticism, it is a whole lot more fun. Also, Ben always has something smart to say. Read it here.

Apart from that, my wife and I vacationed in Hawaii. I am still working as a copywriter. There was a new Batman film. The end of the world did not take place, though Maurice Sendak died. Grand pomp and tragedy accompanied the awfully small ambitions of common humanity and the best of our collective endeavour remained haunted by chaos and wonder. You know, the usual.

Now, here lies the earthly remains of 2012, a good and creative year. However, the past is passed and the future is now, so bring coffee and books and ink…

2012 is dead, long live 2013.


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