2013 ‘To Do’…

So it shall be written, so it shall be done. And in the interest of ensuring the completion of my many impending tasks, I am writing about my workload here to make damn sure I get it all done on time. Here is my ‘to do’ list…

Now, I’ve got four weeks in which to pen another Aviator Gold comic book for Chadwick Ashby. This script I will complete our first story and damn the poor man to another year of sketching by dim candlelight. This time around, we are aiming to share the process a wee bit more, so keep an eye out for more updates and preview art on aviatorgold.com and the Facebook page.

After Justice Squad finally premiered at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con, director Daniel Lawrance made the mistake of asking if I had any new ideas for a film project. I had many, one of which he hated marginally less than the others. So throughout the year, I’ll be writing a treatment, hopefully with some stuff previewing in the next twelve months-ish.

Speaking of film news, I’ll be interstate for Oz Comic-Con Adelaide’s ‘hometown screening’ of Justice Squad. This is a unique opportunity for the film to screen in its natural habitat, with even some cast and production team present. Keep your ear to the ground, there may or may not be something else notable taking place on the day as well.

Apart from all that, I’ve got deadlines galore for articles in print and online. As for this site, I’ll be experimenting with illustrated micro-fiction, journalling on some favourite picture books and posting progress reports on the comic and film projects, along with all the usual writing about writing and reading about reading.


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