Making Friends…

History has proven that any writer worth their salt keeps good artistic company. For instance, F. Scott Fitzgerald drank with Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Elliot. Likewise, Truman Capote grew up with Harper Lee and threw parties with Andy Warhol. In my case, I’m more like Charles Manson bugging The Beach Boys… but either way, my friends are making stuff.

Author Truman Capote keeping company with Blondie, Andy Warhol and that chick from Tim Burton’s Batman film.

First up, my brother Quentin Castle is writing for the ERBzine (site currently incognito), offering studious thoughts on vintage Tarzan films, as well as theology and pop culture archeology on his own blog. It doesn’t get more esoteric and geeky than this. Get on it.

Second, my artist cohorts have both polished their sites with phenomenal new work. Chadwick’s site, absurdabstraction, now features even more illustration and sequential art previews. Also, Christopher’s site, stophdraws, has some of his latest and greatest up, with work from animation, posters and video games. Go see.

Third, fellow wordsmith Dr. Ben Kooyman is posting issues of his infamous comic book Hamlet vs Faustus on our sporadic Shakespeare blog theslingsandarrows. These books are dramatically hand-crafted zine mash-ups of low-brow cartooning and high-brow literature that- you know what, I already reviewed them earlier here. Check ‘em out.

Finally, filmmaker Daniel Lawrence’s latest contribution to Star Wars Uncut features 25 seconds into the trailer, reimagining the asteroid field scene from Empire Strikes Back as the Asteroids videogame. His other noir-ish contribution can be viewed here.



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