Good at bad writing…

It is often said that bad writers quit. Ever the contrarian, I’ve proven otherwise and continued to write badly. While there is no rest for the wicked, I am not a bad man yet still rather busy. I am left to conclude that if the wicked do not rest, then neither do irritating curmudgeons, as I’m more the latter than the former most days. So if it’s one virtue I have attained in my business, I am at least good at writing badly…

First, I’m still working away as a copywriter. It’s good. And this year I’ve been contributing to one of the organisation’s magazines, submitting five articles for print each month. It’s been fun actually, stretching the journalistic muscles. I’ve also begun to contribute to the Australian Comics Journal, interviewing the author Julie Ditrich on her new comic book. Read the article here, then three others at random (they are largely better).

Also, I have given myself two months to write a bad screenplay. The script is not bad by design, but rather necessity as I’m aiming to pen two pages a day amidst my common routine. So far, I’m behind, but what I lack in productivity, I more than make up for with a gnawing sense of dread and inadequacy. Still, it’s the first feature I’ve written on my own, so while I’m lonely, I also have no one else to blame… wait…

Speaking of screenwriting, our superhero film Justice Squad just screened again in the US at Gen Con Indy and the film will have its Queensland premiere at Brisbane’s Pythia Film Festival in October. At one point, someone from Poland asked to screen it. Not sure whether that’s happening, but I can dig our Aussie superheroes confusing foreign audiences. Also congratulations to Justice Squad director Daniel Lawrance who recently became a father. Apparently, birthing a human is a lot like birthing a film, but with less screaming, nudity and viscera.

Now, in regards to all things comics, I’ve had a few ask about the release of Aviator Gold, our steampunk pulp adventure book. Originally, the first issue of Aviator Gold was scheduled to be on shelves this winter. Indeed, the book is done, but has been delayed for reasons that are, in fact, exciting rather than banal. Over the course of this winter, I have been furiously scripting short stories and Chad has been sketching away at a phenomenal rate. To be specific, we are making more comics and there will be book announcements soon with news and previews on our upcoming releases.

I quit.


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