A Tale of Two Cities…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… no, it is in fact only the worst timing possible, because for personal reasons that are both urgent and mundane, my wife and I are suddenly required to return to our hometown of Adelaide. For good. That’s right, we are leaving Melbourne…

The bustling main street of Adelaide city (not to scale).
Contrary to common thought, Adelaide is indeed an advanced, modern metropolis. Cars not to scale.

As much as I love Melbourne, circumstances dictate that we up and move at the drop of the proverbial hat. While I will continue to work as a copywriter, the move heralds some big changes for our lives and my work. Likewise, it warrants some big news and seems like a good excuse for a book announcement, so here we go…

The first comic book from Chad and I, an anthology of short stories titled Unpublished: Tales from New Creators, will be out early next year. The book is a labour of love and our debut work. Its principle aim is to get some of our stories finally out into the big, wide world. Also the release of Unpublished marks the formal kickoff of our creative team, New London Comics, which is the banner under which we will be making certain books in the future.

The unexpected transition also puts some other projects into flux. For instance, a few have asked about our steampunk comic Aviator Gold. Since the first issue was completed, a prototype did the rounds of cons and friends and received some solid feedback from creators, editors and publishers. The bad news is that this first issue won’t be out soon. The good news is that the story is being expanded for release as a graphic novel. When and how this takes place is still to be announced. Also, my ambition to write the first draft of my next screenplay over two months has unfortunately gone south in the moving melee. I’m about a third of the way through and will resume once the packing and unpacking is done and dusted.

On a personal note, I love these two cities both, and will make the move with large measures of ambivalence. There are friends and family in this big, old, wet town that I will miss dearly. On the other hand, there are friends and family in that little, dry town on the south coast that will be happy to see our return. Finally, the simple truth is that the artists, illustrators and filmmakers I work with are mostly good friends back home, so expect many more books and film projects in future. There are many more tales to come, regardless of the city I live in.


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