REDWOOD; comic

Young love. Old Curse. A dead redwood tree.

Stephen’s a dropout with a behavioural disorder. Evie’s top of her class with a college scholarship. Together, they look to escape the impoverished ghost town they call home in a stolen Oldsmobile. There’s just one tradition they must fulfil if they want to be together forever, a century old ritual they must complete…

Stephen and Evie must climb the Redwood tree.

REDWOOD; Page 4 & 5, written by Anthony N. Castle with illustration by Chadwick Ashby

REDWOOD is a comic from writer Anthony N. Castle and artist Chadwick Ashby, a one-shot 24-page horror story. REDWOOD is Romeo and Juliet meets Stephen King, a horror story with a broken heart.

REDWOOD is now available on Comixology for $1.99.