Shooting Justice Squad…

Again, for the history of this independent film, see the previous posts, and go ‘like’ the FB page.

Justice Squad started principle photography in 2007, with multiple pick-ups and hick-ups continuing through to 2009. It was shot at high schools in the suburbs, on city streets at night, in art centres and alleyways, in mates’ living rooms and local laundromats. It was a cheap and long movie shoot, with packed lunches, improvised problem solving and costume changes in car parks.

The cast were veteran, young, professional and hobbyist, bringing the wisdom of age and the enthusiasm of youth to roles that required deadpan delivery as well as physical comedy… in tights. The crew were learning and learned and willing to work amongst odd times and spaces. Over the years, both cast and crew have been generous and indomitable, and there is a finished film as a result.

No one would have believed the shoot would linger so, or post-production drag as it did, but faith has brought it safe thus far and grace shall bring it home. As I’ve written in the past, making a feature length film with high production values and zero budget is usually impossible, so it is nothing short of a sign and wonder that Justice Squad was shot at all…


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