Justice Squad ‘Hometown Screening’ at Oz Comic-Con Adelaide…

The Oz Comic-Con pop culture expos go from strength to strength across Australia, offering ageing icons, costumed fans and enough merchandise to put the nation’s carbon footprint up a notch. In Adelaide, thousands came and saw, and no one can deny that Oz Comic-Con rocks. In turn, Justice Squad rocked Oz Comic-Con…

JS SA pic

The AVIATOR GOLD mock-up did the rounds of Oz Comic-Con, thankfully some mistaking it for a retail comic book. It also received some super sharp feedback from a publisher at a portfolio review, a highlight of the event. The mock-up didn’t return either, hopefully finding a good home wherever it may be.

From our table in Artists’ Alley we moved Justice Squad buttons, t-shirts, flyers and generally heckled strangers in an effort to promote the film. Furthermore, crowds for the film’s screening were big and friendly, even if the first half was in black and white due to technical difficulties. The film was funny and made fans. In fact, the Oz Comic-Con ‘Hometown Screening’ was certainly the best public reception I’ve seen Justice Squad earn yet.

The following ‘indie filmmaking’ panel with Daniel Lawrance, Jenny Stokes, Roger Newcombe, Viv Madigan and myself was fun. We spoke about our films and took questions from the crowd. Afterwards, the prologue for Wastelander Panda screened, once again reminding everyone of the phenomenal indie talent we see coming out of South Australia at the moment.

In future, Justice Squad returns to Indianapolis in April for the Wet Your Pants Film Festival, as well as screening again here in Melbourne at the esteemed Melbourne Continuum Convention in June. The film enjoys its Queensland premiere in October at the new Pythia Film Festival event. Also, there’s more big Justice Squad news to follow so watch this space.

So our Justice Squad screening and panel rocked. AVIATOR GOLD was complimented by publishers. I met R2D2 and Oz Comic-Con Adelaide is done.


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