Justice Squad and The Pythia Film Festival…

Our independent superhero mockumentary Justice Squad is finally getting its Queensland premiere this October at The Pythia Film Festival, screening alongside Aussie Jedi, aliens and a steampunk Malcolm Mcdowell…

This inaugural event hosts independent film from Australia and overseas, including work from first time filmmakers, such as ourselves, and others starring seasoned sci-fi actors. The first of its kind in Brisbane, the event focuses on science fiction and fantasy films, shorts and web series that have never before been seen on Australian cinema screens. It looks to be a big event, so I asked festival director Peter Budd a few quick questions to help spread the word…

ANTHONY: So what’s the big idea behind the Pythia Film festival?

PETER: The idea was to give fans the opportunity to see in a cinema setting the kind of independent product that they may only see on a computer monitor. It’s indie film on the big screen. We wanted to promote and develop unique talent in the area of genre filmmaking.

ANTHONY: Justice Squad screens as part of a uniquely Australian line up of films, including Star Wars Downunder. With crowd-funding and the such, how do indie Australian genre films compare with those from the US or UK?

PETER: I believe they compare well. There is always the issue of time and resources with a smaller populations. However, just the same as with major productions, Australian indie films rank as the equal, if not better, than their overseas brethren.

ANTHONY: One of the big American productions at the event is the steampunk film Cowboys and Engines. You guys must be excited for the film’s Australian premiere?

PETER: There is quite a buzz for the release of Cowboys and Engines. It features Richard Hatch, Walter Koenig and Malcolm McDowell. Richard Hatch will be in attendance as well.

 ANTHONY: Apollo! You’ve got the original Apollo from Battlestar Galactica?

PETER: Yes we do. Cowboys and Engines was a crowd-funded project and we will be discussing this trend with Richard.

ANTHONY: So what can we expect from Pythia in the future?

PETER: Expect big things from The Pythia Film Festival. The future includes the addition of an Australian wide short film competition for non-professionals. We are also looking to enlarge the festival to four days and include workshops focusing on the areas of filmmaking. Watch this space. 

Justice Squad
 will screen on Thursday the 10th of October, alongside Star Wars Downunder.

For tickets, please email: contact@101010productions.com.

The Pythia Festival is run by 101010 Productions (www.101010productions.com) and supported by Tribal Cinema (www.tribaltheatre.com.au).

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