Book Announcement: DEAD ENDS

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, though it’s been a long time coming, I am pleased to announce the publication and launch of our graphic novel DEAD ENDS: FABLES OF LOSS AND MORTALITY. My first release with co-creator and friend Chadwick Ashby, DEAD ENDS serves not only as our opening anthology, but also our best work in the medium thus far…

Short stories of sadness, suicide, slaughter and sacrifice.

From a bereaved boy returning to school to a chimp rocketed into the depths of space, DEAD ENDS reimagines myth, fairytale and history. With genres as varied as German splatter film and Victorian era picture books, this anthology explores an array of characters confronting that darkest and strangest moment of all… death.

DEAD ENDS: FABLES OF LOSS AND MORTALITY is the opening anthology from Anthony N. Castle and Chadwick Ashby.

WARNING: Comic book may contain German axe murdering clowns.
WARNING: Comic book may contain German axe murdering clowns.

“An excellent breakout anthology that serves as a confident calling card, showcasing the stylistic versatility of both writer and artist. These moody fables and stories of hope, death and defiance deliver on many visual and emotional levels as the reader bears witness to the quiet poignancy of sacrifice all the way through to the shudder and recoil of maniacal brutality.

Castle and Ashby not only clearly demonstrate their talent and artistic cohesion but also signal they are on the cusp of becoming major players in the Australian comics scene and beyond!”

– Julie Ditrich

Comic book writer, Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed


“A punchy set of affecting stories executed with sensitivity and style from two creators with an impressive collaborative voice. Well done. More please!”

– Gary Chaloner

Comic book writer, artist and publisher


“Often touching, frequently hilarious, and at all times solid storytelling, DEAD ENDS has almost anything you might want from an anthology. Monkeys in space. The bullies being bullied. Bad ends for good souls, good ends to bad souls, you name it. Well worth the read!”

– Neal Bailey

Comic book writer, Cura Te Ipsum

Now, DEAD ENDS will be launched in Melbourne next month at the fourth annual Big Arse Comics Launch. More details on DEAD ENDS can be found through the imprint New London Comics, online here and on Facebook here.

Much more info, preview art and launch details coming soon…


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