DEAD ENDS, art preview

With the launch of DEAD ENDS: FABLES OF LOSS AND MORTALITY fast approaching, I thought it time for a bigger peek at the wonderful art and illustration of the book and show you all the pretty pictures you too can possess if you purchase said product… 

Initially, DEAD ENDS had no agenda other than storytelling. Chadwick and I weren’t aiming to ape a fad or pacify a demographic. These fables were not created for any other reason than to tell a range of stories in a range of different ways. We worked from history, myth, Aesop’s Fables… we even reimagined the story of Cain and Abel with German axe murdering clowns… for better or worse.

Courage: art by Chadwick Ashby

The details of the art process, from illustrative style to inking and colouring, vary from piece to piece. No two stories were drawn and presented the same way, exploring the qualities of each approach.

Wings: art by Christopher Green

DEAD ENDS is also graced by the artistic presence of guest artist and good friend Christopher Green, who lends his considerable talents for the story Wings.

Ragdoll: art by Chadwick Ashby

Artistic influences demonstrated in the book range from manga, Western animation and even Victorian era picture books.

Monkey: art by Chadwick Ashby

Chadwick’s dedication to quality illustration and book design on this project has been severe. We wanted to present a range of sad, sweet and odd stories with fine illustration and ambitious production values. DEAD ENDS is that book, and I couldn’t be more impressed with Chadwick’s work and Christopher’s contribution. It is an embarrassment of riches that I have such good friends and fine artists lending their drawing boards for my scripts and it’s resulted in a book truly well worth the read.

For more, Christopher’s disturbingly beautiful digital paintings can be viewed here, and Chadwick’s diverse illustrative work here.


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