Book announcement; REDWOOD is coming

REDWOOD is the newest comic from writer Anthony N. Castle and artist Chadwick Ashby, a one-shot 24-page horror story…

REDWOOD cover art by Chris Green

Young love. Old curse. A dead redwood tree.

Stephen’s a dropout with a behavioural disorder. Evie’s top of her class with a college scholarship. Together, they look to escape the impoverished ghost town they call home in a stolen Oldsmobile. There’s just one tradition they must fulfil if they want to be together forever, a century old ritual they must complete…

Stephen and Evie must climb the Redwood tree.

The elevator pitch for REDWOOD is Romeo and Juliet meets Stephen King; a horror story with a broken heart. Chadwick and I could not be more excited about this book and can confidently say it represents our finest work. For those who feel they must possess this book (or become possessed by it), REDWOOD will launch at Supanova Adelaide, 20-22 November, with special con-exclusive prints from the book.

REDWOOD, Page 4, art by Chadwick Ashby

REDWOOD is coming. REDWOOD is here. And in the words of an appropriate reference, come get some.


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