RAG DOLL Minicomic Announcement

RAG DOLL, our most popular short story, is now being given a new, quality release as a separate minicomic…


A mother made me. A child will need me. Time passes. Everyone must fall apart one day… but there’s always some use for a rag doll.

 An old rag doll is discarded in a London dustyard with only moments to find a new home before he is lost forever.

Sequential art meets Victorian era picture book in Rag Doll, a tale about love, purpose and death from Anthony N. Castle and Chadwick Ashby.

RAG DOLL formerly featured as a short story in DEAD ENDS. Chadwick and I had crafted our own sequential art picture book about love, purpose and death. In light of some of the influential picture books we knew from our childhood, we aimed to combine the styles and moods of classic children’s literature with the storytelling structures of comics. We took some of the lyrical sadness of Hans Christian Andersen and dressed it in the dry, black humour of Beatrix Potter.


The reason for this minicomic release has been nothing less than massive reader response. Readers have responded to RAG DOLL more than any other piece in DEAD ENDS, so we thought it fitting that the story be given a separate release as its own book as we had once intended.

There aren’t enough picture books about death. RAG DOLL is ours.


P.S. RAG DOLL is launching and available for sale this weekend at Supanova Adelaide.

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