Pre-Ledger Comics Launch

Chadwick and I will finally be officially launching our comics REDWOOD, RAG DOLL and THE EVERYMAN’s THEORY OF EVERYTHING, directly before The Ledger Awards at All Star Comics…

Pre-Ledger Comics Launch banner

The Pre-Ledger Comics Launch will be at All Star Comics Melbourne, 53 Queen St. The launch will be on Friday, April 15 from 5 PM7 PM, in conjunction with The Ledger Awards and directly preceding the awards ceremony.

Comics being launched are:

PANIC 2.5 by Brendan Halyday


REDWOOD, by Anthony N. Castle and Chadwick Ashby (plus our two mini-comics RAG DOLL and THE EVERYMAN’S THEORY OF EVERYTHING)

Writer and reviewer Emmet O’Cuana will be MC for the event and discussions with creators will commence from 6pm onwards.

For more information, check out the Pre-Ledger Comics Launch Facebook page and our promotional clip.

Hope to see you there.


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