Book Launch report

I claimed that last week we were launching our comics REDWOOD, RAG DOLL and THE EVERYMAN’s THEORY OF EVERYTHING before The Ledger Awards at All Star Comics. It happened. Now, there’s proof…

The launch went well, with good sales and great crowds. We met some readers and made some new friends. It’s always a pleasure to deface the product with you own illegible name.

Thanks to All Star Comics Melbourne for hosting the event and Emmet O’Cuana for MCing the night. A launch like this could not have happened without their support.

Launch 2 all star
Photo courtesy of All Star Comics.

Congratulations should also go to Brendan Halyday and Thomas Tung who launched some quality work with us on the night.

Photo courtesy of Stevie O’Cuana.

For now, we are back down the rabbit hole on our next book. I’m scripting and Chadwick is thumbnailing and we are laying out the publishing plan for the rest of the year. This upcoming project is rather personal for us and we are aiming for nothing less than startling diversity, warmth, horror, elegance and utterly unpredictable storytelling.

Book announcement and art previews coming later this year, after the winter.


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