June, July, August: All the things

All the things happened in June, July and August. I’ve been busy. Here’s the rub…

I wrote about the passing of Noel Neill and the feminist significance of Lois Lane for Hopscotch Friday.

I interviewed Brooke Prentis for The Salvation Army’s social justice department about the need for Australia to have a treaty with its Indigenous peoples.

I reviewed some new Australian comics on Radio Adelaide, including local webcomic Hail, by Miranda Richardson and Rosanna Lam, as well as the latest Mr Unpronounceable book by Tim Molloy.

On the comics front, Chadwick and I have a new book scheduled for a November release. We have been working hard through the winter. A book announcement is coming soon on newlondoncomics.com.

I also have baby now. My wife delivered a boy on July 9. His name is Victor. We call him V. All is well.


P.S. V doesn’t sleep and is frequently unhappy. So he takes after his old man more than a little.

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