Book announcement; A Load of Old Waffle

A kaleidoscope of existential absurdity from the mind of Chadwick Ashby…

A LOAD OF OLD WAFFLE is a collection of 48 colourful and absurd illustrations from Chadwick Ashby, with foreword by Glenn Lumsden.

A LOAD of OLD WAFFLE; art by Chadwick Ashby

A LOAD of OLD WAFFLE uses Chad’s cartooning background and graphic design skills in order to caricature culture, satire advertising, and offer an illustrative stream-of-consciousness.

A LOAD of OLD WAFFLE; art by Chadwick Ashby

“There is a yearning for meaning that is carefully counterbalanced with – dare I say it – a perverse delight in finding none… I confess to finding these intriguing bite sized morsels of the inner workings of Ashby’s mind most enjoyable to read.”

  • Glenn Lumsden

A LOAD of OLD WAFFLE will be launching at Supanova Adelaide, 18/19 November, where Anthony and Chadwick will be presenting on a panel about the creation of the book.


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