Op-ed; The Guardian

I co-wrote an article for The Guardian as marriage equality legislation came before the House earlier this month…


The church leaders’ campaign against marriage equality harms those who are already hurt…

I continue as a religion writer in some capacities and this article reflected on the sad history of rightwing religious resistance to reform in Australia, and contrasted the accompanying rhetoric with the family values actually found in the gospel texts. The piece was written at a breakneck pace with friend and advocate Brad Chilcott, (I kicked off my first draft with a head cold at 5am the day before it went up).

The national debate during the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey was unnecessary, and hurtful to many I know. The tax-payer funded campaigns amplified fringe voices that do not accurately represent the church community, (40 per cent of same-sex couples identify as Christian according to the ABS, and a recent Galaxy Poll found that 50 per cent of Christians support marriage equality). Given the damage done by the reactionary outliers in rightwing religious lobby groups, it was a pleasure to lay out the argument for equality with Brad, and an honour that The Guardian gave it a home.





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