Good Friday Op-ed; The Guardian

I co-wrote a Good Friday article for The Guardian; Who will we crucify this Easter?

While only half of this country identifies as Christian, most would know the events of the Easter story; Christ challenging the leaders of the day, the trial, the mocking punishment and execution that followed. The Easter story is not only a religious narrative, however, but also a lesson in how those in power react to those who challenge injustice. We see it in the patterns of our politics.

Over and over again in this country, if we hear a voice question the injustice of those in power, then the response is conservative controversy and a spectacle of punishment. We apply this routine execution to anyone, whether they be human rights advocates, Indigenous activists, workers, or teenagers. The pattern is not accidental. It has a political purpose, distraction and determent, and it is as old as the Easter story itself.

The article was co-written with friend and advocate Brad Chilcott and continues our tradition or spinning angry yarns at breakneck speed.



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