Comics Masterclass profile

I was lucky enough to be recently profiled for the Comics Masterclass site and talk a little about our graphic novel DEAD ENDS, as well as chat about what’s in store for our work in the future. There may or may not have been something like a sneaky book announcement in there. Go see to find out. Creative team Julie Ditrich and Jozef Szekeres, writer and artist of the Elf-Fin series, first managed the Australian Society of Authors’ Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio before launching the Comics Masterclass as an assessment service in 2013 (for the full story, read my prior Q&A with Julie over at the Australian Comics Journal). The assessment service rallies a team of comics veterans and professionals to provide qualified editorial critique for unpublished works. Chad and I received some very sharp feedback from the Comics Masterclass team a couple of years ago and it’s been massively beneficial to our work. I’d encourage any emerging creator after a little feedback to give it a go.



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