Anthony N. Castle; not dead

First, I’m not dead.
I have received some inquiries about my own work and welfare recently. It’s not that some have thought me dead, but rather I have been somewhat quiet; dead to the world, either through a combination of exhaustion, writing targets or collapsing into an urgent sleep.
I am an insomniac. My infant son is also an insomniac. His sleep difficulties have been a challenge over the last eight months. Working on no sleep has become the new normal and the world has seemed to retreat in a weird way. All the noise and absurdity and tragedy of the world is distant, muffled and indistinct, like through a glass darkly.
Due to requirements of time and finance, I have began to operate as a freelance writer more. This has meant a return to the days of pitching, drafting and more than a few rejections. There are fewer articles online as a result but I am building towards some good work that should see the light of day at some point. There are, of course, also new books that are steadily on the way and announcements will surface here in the coming months.
I am sorting out the social media malaise as a result and I have an official writer’s page up with more regular information. The page will feature more official content from my comics and columns, with a focus on the journey of writing, drafting, editing, pitching, rejections, and not sleeping. This will essentially feature like a social media writer’s journal for those who are interested in the warp and weft of the process. Folk can ‘like’, or generally dislike, the page as they see fit. The page is live now.
And I’m not dead.

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