Winter Update

I was quite sick for almost half of the winter, while the mid-year deadlines piled up and I was required to travel interstate twice, so, finally, an update…

I presented at the Perth Comics Art Festival symposium in late June, and ran a writing workshop on the Market Day. PCAF was the most engaging comics event I’ve done this year, with an impressive creator presence, curious crowds, and a strong focus on the medium.

Also featured; Bruce Mutard, Leonie Brailey, and Emmet O’Cuana.

I wrote a feature article on at-risk young people and how not to respond to marginalised teens; Build Safe Spaces, not Prisons. I used to work with Sudanese young people, and I’ve also successfully dined in Melbourne restaurants and emerged unscathed, so I was glad to write about the issue.

I read Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman, Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas, something else I cannot recall the title of and which I’ll dig up later, and I’m mostly through Danse Macabre by Stephen King.



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